The Never Hungry Again campaign aims to support children and young people and eradicate local food poverty – not only during the school holidays, but forever. The campaign builds on the work we have been doing at Noah’s Ark during the COVID-19 pandemic to tackle food and family poverty, especially supporting families that have been disproportionately affected.


Throughout the pandemic we have worked closely with our partners as shown above. With their support projects like ‘Holiday Hunger’ and ‘Never Hungry Again’ have enabled us to prepare and distribute :-

  • Over 15,000 frozen ready meals
  • Provide 5,000 food parcels to over 10,000 families & individuals
  • Create, print & distribute 11,000 of our recipe booklets

The booklet contains 14 simple, nutritious and inexpensive meals for a family to prepare with accompanying YouTube videos for each recipe. Our booklet can be downloaded here or we can provide printed copies if required.


We believe the answer to addressing food poverty requires a joined up, well thought out approach, let us help you ….

  • Money advice – ensure you get everything you’re entitled to
  • Debt advice – make sure that debt isn’t placing an intolerable burden on your finances.
  • Budgeting courses – create a manageable, sustainable monthly budget.
  • Employment support – find employment, access higher education or become self-employed.
  • Food support – create low cost, healthy ways to feed your family.
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What our clients say:

  • “Andrew, Lesley & Kelly. I don’t know where to begin with expressing my gratitude. From the first day of meeting you guys you have all been an absolute ray of sunshine – warm, welcoming with so much positivity and energy to give. Thank you for all your time and patience with helping me to help myself improve my life. You guys are an absolute asset to the community and I just think you are the best! I hope to work with you in one form or another in the future. Eternally grateful.” K, G & M.
  • “I can’t tell you how grateful I am. So much worry for such a long time and then you managed to take control and sort it so quickly. You’re (Lesley) the fairy godmother of people in debt lol. Thank you very much.” S, M, K & C.
  • “Dear Kelly, Andrew & all the team. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support you have given me. ‘Nobody wins unless everybody wins’. You have made such a difference to my life and I will be forever grateful.” V & G.
  • Thank you for helping me close an old chapter and be reborn into a new way of life.” M, K & G.