We have identified 7 key themes which could be very helpful for our clients, ourselves and others in managing our mental health whilst following guidance to be physically distant from others:

  1. Identify your existing coping strategies for anxiety and depression and utilise these as best you can
  2. Keep a routine - sleep and eat at normal times, incorporate physical activity to expend your nervous energy
  3. Try and connect with nature
  4. Identify positives and opportunities that you can build on from this restrictive situation
  5. Have some self compassion - anxiety at a time like this is normal, but do note...
  6. We are adaptable creatures, have survived many difficulties already and we can get through this
  7. Communicate with others if you can, or find another way to get your thoughts out of your mind so you can put them aside (talking, texting, writing, art, music, creativity)


A confidential safe space in which to explore issues and feelings with a person who neither judges nor offers advice. This is available to adults, young people and children. For children we offer counselling using one-to-one therapeutic play. We also offer the Rainbows peer support programme for children experiencing loss in various ways. Ring 01422 300457 to find out more and make a referral.

Money advice

Budgeting, debt relief orders, debt management plans, individual voluntary arrangements. As part of our response to the COVID19 pandemic we are also running a food bank. Ring 01422 364664 to find out more.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In the interest of sharing expertise and upholding professional standards, Noah's Ark Centre is offering a series of training courses and workshops available throughout the year.

  • Click here for Counselling Children and Young People
  • Click here for Workshops
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Counselling Service
01422 300 457
Money Advice Service
01422 364 664